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I. Updates
II. Intro
III. How to obtain

[Event] RotT Exclusive Keys Giveaway (Limited)

I. Updates
[updated 15.05.12]
- Finally, I got plenty of exclusive keys!! Now, the time has come to distribute them to all of you and your friends! :)

[updated 11.05.12]
- I got information from RotT that they got a delay for the keys for several days. I will follow-up and post it immediately once I received them. Stay  update GWikiers.

[updated 10.05.12]
- RotT is Live!
- The keys would be available tomorrow! :)
- There will be several matches, if any of you interested to join, tell me (limited seats)

[updated 09.05.12]
- RotT will be going Live or open beta at 12pm PST tomorrow, Thursday 9th.
- This Thursday 9th or Friday 10th, the keys will be released through here.

[updated 08.05.12]
- Wait for further notice, stay updates!

II. Intro
Good news has arrived! There is a new comer to MOBA games, it is Realm of the Titans (RotT). Under Aeria Games; one of biggest games publisher Company in North America, RotT will be competing with others.

Meanwhile, this game has been tested through several beta tests and it is on its finale! Now, its your time to redeem the exclusive keys to obtain exclusive hero during this open beta!

III. How to obtain the keys?
Click this page: [Event] RotT Exclusive Keys Giveaway (Limited)

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